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Our Story

Our story of how Party Cape Cod came to be...

Back in 1981, Bob and I were raising our daughters on Cape Cod. Sarah was five and Heather was nine and they kept us very busy. Also, that year was special for my parents. They were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary.

In order to celebrate this special day, I decided to host a big party on the Cape. However, living so close to the ocean forces you to plan for unpredictable weather patterns. So, I decided to rent a tent and hire a caterer and band. That way, everyone could enjoy the day no matter what the weather might bring.

To make a long story short, the planning process was a nightmare! I could not find one store that had everything I needed. Locating a tent rental company was difficult, (I had to ship it in from Maine) the extra chairs I needed were costly, and worst of all, the equipment I finally found had seen better days.

The good news was the party was an incredible success. My parents had a lovely time with lasting memories.

However, after describing the ordeal to my friends, I found out I was not alone. The need for quality party rental equipment on Cape Cod was very real. People planning weddings, graduations, and even anniversary parties all had to go through the same painful process I did, if they wanted to enjoy the natural beauty of Cape Cod.

My experiences formed the idea, which has evolved, into Party Cape Cod, a one-stop party rental center. No longer must people worry about the details of planning a party. Our unique company features a showroom filled with party rentals. Our consultants are available (preferably by appointment) to discuss party themes and decorating ideas for the smallest of functions to the most elaborate of weddings and celebrations.

Party Cape Cod has been in business for 25 years. We know what it takes to make a good party and how to put our customer's minds at ease. Save yourself the hassle of worrying about the details. Let us help make your party truly enjoyable!

Charlene J. Mastromatteo
Party Cape Cod

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